How do I upgrade my Basic Employer Account to a Pro Employer Account?

To upgrade your account, go to the Subscriptions/Billing of your Employer Account.

1. Log in to your Basic Employer Account.

2. Go to your Subscriptions/Billing section on the left menu.

3. You'll see two options, one for the Basic Employer Account and one for the Pro Employer Account.

Basic Plan in Employer Account

If you have a Basic Employer Account, the Basic option should be in black and the button below it should say "✔️Selected", as you can see in the image above.

4. Click anywhere on the box containing the Pro Employer Account information, it should go black.

Pro Employer Account is selected

5. Under the boxes, a payment option will show up. Add your card details and choose how you want to pay. Remember, you can pay $99 USD billed quarterly, or pay yearly and save 10%.

payment details in subscription account

6. Click on "Upgrade to Pro" and you're set! You'll get a confirmation mail.