How do I know if I need a Job Bundle?

If you want to start saving money when posting jobs at WWR, this is how.

All types of companies use bundles to save money, from startups to companies with 1000+ employees. The best part? We have bundles that can support all of them! These are some signs you need a bundle.

1. Your team is growing rapidly

If you'll be opening more than 5 job positions the next year, chances are you'd be needing a Job Bundle.

For example, if you have 5 job openings and you'll be promoting for 3 months, you'd already be using 15 job listings!

2. You consistently promote job listings

There are also other companies that always have job openings where they're hiring more than one person. In those cases, those job listings stay live for many consecutive months. If you have two of those, you could be using 24 job listings a year, for example!

3. You want to improve your brand recognition

We know some companies don't post all their jobs at WWR, either because they want to focus on promoting just specific roles or they want to save money.

With bundles, you can save money AND post more consistently, helping your company's recognition. We've seen that companies that post more consistently at We Work Remotely tend to have more applications.