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Can I pause a job listing?

You can't pause job listings but here's what you can do.

Unfortunately, at this moment you can't pause a job listing. Here's what you can do instead:

Remove your job listing

1. Go to your Listing Settings and click where it says Remove.

turned off auto renewal in job listing

2. Contact us if you still have some days left. We can give you a special coupon so you can re-post your job listing if you decide to.

Change the information in your job listing

If you have another job listing you want to promote, you can do it from the same job listing you already published without having to post a new one.

1. Go to your Edit Listing section. You'll find the link to it in your confirmation mail or in your Employer Account dashboard.

2. Edit all the details you want. You can change the title, regional restrictions, and description.

3. Click on "Save Changes"

4. You'll have a new job listing!

Remember that if you change the title of a job listing, the lint to it will automatically change.